Thursday, February 09, 2006

Brain started to work

me: it's like my brain just started working for the first time in months

Andy: what do you mean?

me: well, i was trying to figure something out last night
then, on the way home, i figured something out

Andy: yeah

me: then i came into work this morning, made like 10 changes to some code i was working on
then ran it, and it just worked

Andy: nice man
glad to hear it

me: that hasn't happened in such a long time

Andy: totally cool
good work [smile]

me: thanks man


Blogger karoshi ! said...

Just another random thought for your collection:

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(before you delete this, believing it to be spam, it's not. this is from techdirt, which I read daily. the thought seemed kinda funny. and I thought of "Calvin".)

The rest of the story...

"We've noted in the past the popularity of online poker among college students, a trend that is a bit worrisome. We've also written about the growing popularity of poker bots -- programs that try to play better hands of poker (even to the point where the real "challenge" in online poker is in tweaking your bot, not in playing your hand). So, it really should come as no surprise to see college researchers starting to look at "academic" projects to build better poker bots. As the article notes, it can be seen as a challenge even more difficult than creating chess playing computer systems, since there's a lot of unknown information that needs to be processed as well. Still, if new legislation makes it a felony to play online poker, will this research become illegal as well?

-from one blog to another.

here's the other blog:

10:48 PM  
Blogger Rainbow Sky said...

Hi Jeremy, I just found your blog
from google, long time no see!!

8:33 PM  
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