Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

This year, I have some big resolutions to keep. I'm writing 'em down while it's still Jan. 1 and still counts.

1. Blog more. I used to have a ton of fun with this blog.

2. Get more done at work, and spend less time there.

3. Start dating a girl I can see as my equal in the ways that matter, and is a good match for me.

4. Revise my thesis.

5. Keep in touch with friends and colleagues better.

So, the most interesting one is #3, so why not talk about that for a while. What are the ways that matter?

I dated a girl for a long time who had everything any guy wants in terms of attractiveness and attentiveness. The thing that ultimately made the relationship end was that I could never talk with her about things I care about a lot about. Things I blog about. Partly, that's because we grew up speaking different languages (and neither of us became fluent enough in the other's language). Partly, that's because the things we care about are so different.

Anyway, what I want to find is someone who's discriminating, caring, physically attractive, likes the person that I am, is liberal in the sense of "people should be free to make their own choices".

Who knows what the new year will bring. 2006 was interesting--not the best year on record for me. The best year on record for me might have been 1998, when I started working on what became my graduate work. I hope 2007 can find itself looking more like 1998 than 2006.


Blogger Caltech Bob's Students Group said...

I will be very interested in knowing your progress on your 2007's resolutions. meanwhile, could you please send me your email address? I am compiling the list of contacts for former Dr. McEliece's students.


12:07 PM  

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