Friday, March 07, 2008

Liars dice poker

Okay, here's a game I made up. You use dice, and bet with chips, like poker.

Two players: player 1 and player 2.

Player 1 puts in 1 chip, player 2 puts in 2 chips.

Player 1 rolls 10 dice and then declares a number of pips, from 1 to 6, say "4".

Player 2 rolls 10 dice and then declares either "higher" or "lower", say"lower".

At this point, we have a betting round, as in no-limit poker. Both players have an opportunity to raise, starting with player 1 (who has only put in 1 chip). If there is a showdown, the player with, in the example, the lower number of 4's wins and takes the pot. If they have the same number of 4's, they chop the pot.

What does everyone think?


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