Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Graded New Year's Resolutions 2008

1. Read two books a month. ("Who do you think you are, Einstein?!")

Nope.  But I've read some very good ones this year, including "American Fascists" (Chris Hedges) and "Facts and Mysteries in Elementary Particle Physics" (Martinus Veltman).

2. Smell better. ("No way, really?", spark of hope lingering in Dina's eye)

"Yeah, on average--you're definitely cleaner."

3. Beat my time up Old La Honda (21:50) and olympic triathlon (2:30:31)

I got somewhat close to my OLH record (under 24:00), but didn't break it.

4. Grade this years resolutions w/ Dina ("um... Is there any resolution about me? um...")

Check!  Dina, don't you have anything to do now?  "Every year you're getting meaner; you take me for granted :'("

Overall: 2/4, plus maybe some partial credit, but not really.

Selected 2007 Resolutions

2. Get more done at work, and spend less time there.

Yes!  This year has been a very good one at work.  I definitely spent less time at work in 2008 than in 2006, but probably about the same as 2007 (can't keep going down forever)

5. Keep in touch with friends and colleagues better

I call my parents and brother more, so let's count this as a success.